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MA (Environmental Studies) programme

27 January, 2023

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Indira Gandhi National Open University has launched MA (Environmental Studies) programme from January 2023 session


Indira Gandhi National Open University has launched MA (Environmental Studies) programme from January 2023 session. Environmental degradation and climate change are global phenomena where actions in one part of the world impact ecosystems and populations across the globe. The current degradation of natural ecosystems is seen in the form of environmental pollution, climate change, resource depletion, biodiversity loss, etc.  In order to address the environmental challenges induced by anthropogenic activities there is a need for developing knowledgeable workforce in the areas such as climate change, pollution, waste management, sanitation, conservation of biological diversity, management of biological resources, forest and wildlife conservation, and sustainable development.


The MA (Environmental Studies) programme with a multidisciplinary and an interdisciplinary approach aims to generate awareness on a wide variety of environmental concerns. In line with NEP 2022, the Programme will be offered with Modular Approach. The learners after completing the first year (courses) of study will be eligible to receive Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Studies. The Programme will have lateral Entry and Exit. After completing the Programme, learners will be able to play decisive roles in addressing the environmental and sustainability concerns in India and across the world.It will help the learners to restore, protect, and sustain the environment and appreciate the interdependence between the components of the environment. The programme will give valuable insights to the learners with the necessary means and capacities to engage in fruitful assessment of environmental conditions, propose sustainable solutions and contribute to the formulation of suitable policies for environmental planning and sustainable development. Therefore looking at the present context of environmental degradation and futuristic ambitious plans to meet SDGs, SOITS at Indira Gandhi National Open University is offering MA Environmental Studies Programme with a curriculum designed to touch upon various facets of environment. For more details, please refer to the IGNOU Common Prospectus. The admission link is https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/