04 October, 2023

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Attention Management Programme (MBA Learner) - De-centralization of Submission & Evaluation of Project Synopsis of MMPP-001, (MBA Project Course)

28 October, 2022

As per Notification (RSD) Dated 22 September, 2022 the submission and evaluation of synopsis for MMPP-001 shall be done at the concerned Regional Centre.

MP (MBA Learners) of IGNOU Regional Centre Jabalpur should NOTE that the synopsis for course code MMPP-001 (Project) shall be submitted at the Regional Centre Jabalpur either by POST Or in PERSON or by Email on rcjabalpur@ignou.ac.in.

The synopsis must be complete in every respect and Reflect complete details. In learner interest s/he may also attach IGNOU Learner I-Card.

 Synopsis Submission can be around the year. Once submitted by any mode (in person/ post/ e-mail) Learner should not submit again. 

 After submission learner should contact Regional Centre within reasonable time (after 20 days of submission) for status on Synopsis (if NO communication received from the Regional Centre regarding synopsis submitted). 

 Synopsis submitted without Enrolment No., Programme Code, Course Code, Learner Name, Contact Address and Mobile Number are liable for non-acceptance summarily. 

 For further enquiry if required send an E-mail Only on anitatanwar@ignou.ac.in OR rcjabalpur@ignou.ac.in